Vehicle Booking

Moving from one place to another can be really easy if the right kind of help is at hand. We at Pakistan Movers and Packers offer a vast range of moving services centered towards making your moving experience as smooth and easy as possible. Besides offering comprehensive moving services, we also provide vehicles to facilitate transportation of your merchandise in an easy manner from one location to another.

Our vehicles can be hired for local, domestic and relocation of goods, offering complete peace of mind, while we ensure your merchandise reaches its destination in the least possible time. We offer range of different vehicles to choose from depending upon the space and travelling requirement of your goods. Our well-maintained moving fleet includes

  • Suzuki
  • Shehzore
  • Mazda
  • 17 ft. container
  • 20 ft. container
  • 40 ft. container


Our Suzuki vehicles offer the perfect solution to your limited moving needs, offering ample space for small items and commodities and the option of travelling to far to reach areas as well. You can hire our Suzuki with or without the labor needed to move your items on nominal rates any day of the week.


Shehzore trucks are the ideal vehicles for moving bulk items or a lot of stuff to another location. Offering the chance to transfer bulk or all of your possession to a new location in one go, is our Shehzore fleet, only a phone call away from you.


With the capacity to handle weight reaching as much a 0.6 ton, our Mazda fleet is the best option to opt for when moving your belongings to a long distance location. Our personal vehicles can be hired, where our experienced drivers offer the most secure and efficient transportation of your goods, without you going through any hassle at all.

17 ft., 20 ft. & 40 ft. Containers

For moving your home or office to another city or country, a lot of merchandise require to b transported from one point to another and as much hassle as it may sound, it can effectively b done through choosing the right option of transporting your goods to the new destination. Catering to the various needs of our customers, we offer container vehicles that carry your goods stored in safely to the ultimate drop point. Based on the weight and mass of your merchandise, we offer containers in the 17 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft dimensions ready to accommodate your belongings, irrespective of their size and weight.

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