Pakistan Movers and Packers offers world class packing services intended towards transportation or relocation of assets and commodities. Our services are offered Pakistan wide by our expert professional packers and movers teams that are adept in the proper packing of your merchandise, ensuring their safety and safe travelling aspects in mind.

Taking The Stress Off You!

Packing is one aspect of shifting that can be more overwhelming than the thought of moving itself. We realize that many of you may be moving for the first time, or even more, and may require our help. Trained in the art of perfect packing, our packers and movers  teams are always ready to handle any type and level of packing services, considering the level of transportation the commodities will have to go through, ensuring no damage is cost to your belonging in the process.

We offer full packing services packing everything in your house or office, and also partial packing services where we take care of certain items while you manage the rest.

Pakistan Movers and Packers also offer three different tiers of packing services including

  • Basic Packing
  • Standard Packing
  • Premium Packing

Basic Packing

Our basic packing services include use of general papers, boxes and packing material for your general items such as clothing and other unbreakable commodities.

Basic packing services are the ultimate choice for small distance moving, where your merchandise does not have to undergo a lot of transportation and are merely required to be removed from one location to the other. This packing is ideal for local shifting and for items that are non breakable for long distance transportation of goods.

Standard Packing

Standard packing services offer durability to all your items ensuring proper transportation of goods without the chance of any damage incurring to your property.  Standard packing services are ideal for long distance transportation of goods and for items that are of a slight fragile or sensitive nature. Through the use of proper insulation material, all your belongings are provided the right cover and protection ensuring they reach the destination in the exact same way they are packed, without any scratch, damage or loss at all. We understand that long route travelling can have its toll on your goods in transit and considering the hardships it will have to go through, proper packing is an essential.

Premium Packing Services

Premium packing services consider the exact need of all your fragile, sensitive and precious goods, packing them in a way that 0% damage is incurred. Our premium packing services also include un-assembling of decoration items and another handle with care objects and packing each part individually to be transported to the new location.

Premium packing services are your best choice for all your delicate, fragile and hard to manage/pack merchandise. Our expert team of packers and movers can effectively un-assemble bulk items of sensitive nature and pack every part individually in a way that they can be assembled with equal efficiency again on your new destination.

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