Car Transportation

Pakistan Movers owns a reputation of being a reliable vehicle transporter offering safe and secure Car Transportation Services in Karachi through our extensive network spread all over Pakistan.  Our staff member arrives 0n your doorstep on a single call and collect your vehicle and drops it off at your given address, anywhere across Pakistan. We also transport vehicles to international locations taking complete responsibility of transit on nominal rates.

There are several services out there that offer Car Carrier  Services in Karachi however, they do not offer door to door services and their security is not guaranteed. Breaking this industrial norm is Pakistan Movers offering guaranteed Car Transportation Services from one location to another, picking it from your doorstep and dropping it off on the other.

We Care For Your Vehicle

We request our customers to empty the vehicle entirely and have the car checked for any leaks. Also switching off the alarms of the car and emptying of the fuel tank should be ensured, along with removing all custom accessories and any other supporting electronic items. The car is locked as soon as it is loaded to be transferred to you in the exact same condition as handed over. Depending on the distance your car will require to be transported, we also offer the swiftest service available in Pakistan to deliver your vehicle on your doorstep in the least possible time.

Contact us today to know more about our Car Carrier Services in Karachi and what you are required to do in order to ensure safe delivery of your vehicle at the final destination.

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