PABX Services

We realize how incorporating technology in your growing business helps in swelling it to larger extents and catering to the increasing demands of your business, we offer the best, world-class PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) services including its installation, repairs, maintenance and annual maintenance contracts.

We realize how important it is to communicate for businesses in today’s dynamic environment and facilitating your growth are our expert PABX professionals that cater to your every need.

PABX Installation

Pakistan Movers offer turnkey solutions through offering standard PABX installation for clients for their small, medium and large businesses. Being based on an open source application, not only does PABX cost much lesser than other telecom equipment businesses, rather our guaranteed services make it the best viable option for your business.

PABX Repairing & Maintenance

Any system in order to work efficiently requires be repairing and maintaining continually to keep reaping its full benefits for longer period. We offer repair and maintenance services irrespective of whether you are using PABX in a single facility or in multiple ones spread over the country or even abroad.

PABX Maintenance Contracts

We offer specialized PABX maintenance contracts to customers ensuring your system works to its optimal performance at all times and enhance your communicating capacity, without ever presenting any problems. There are times when the systems may experience some disturbing behavior; however, our experts are always available and on hand to look into matters instantly to offer you an undisturbed experience every time, all the time.

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